May 2023: Making Money Focus
May 21, 2023

Do You Want to Get Paid $200 Over & Over Simply Giving Away Our FREE Software To Others...All While Gaining Access to Additional Tools, Training & Technology?!

We've simplified things with our "Best Of" for online marketing. Online marketing is challenging and you need three marketing efforts to succeed. If you don't have time to research, take advantage of our expertise! KlickSumo is here to point the way and connect you with the best marketing offers. There are tons of marketing tools where we leave it to you to decide if you need for your own business but the foundational asset for any internet marketing business is a good Funnel Builder & a phenomenal company to back it up. You can get those here with the $25 All-in-One Digital Business.

Don't Let Offers Disappear - We've seen a LOT of offers come and go. My advice: if you are ready to start, don't delay on the foundational assets and get them now!

Brand new here? Discover Our Unique Recipe For Success

Make sure you listen to this testimonial video regarding this academy community. The Home Business Academy is a truly exceptional enterprise, and it is made possible by the dedicated Freedom Crusaders that staff it. These crusaders are available at all times, ready to offer unreluctant assistance when needed, answer inquiries, and motivate individuals to achieve the financial liberty they seek. With their heart-centered, service-focused attitude, they demonstrate time and time again why they are the essence of this successful business. They also fight for freedom not just for themselves, but for all who seek help and support.

The Freedom Crusaders community is the "Secret Sauce" that makes The Home Business Academy one of the most unique companies on the planet. As crusaders, each crusader fights for not just their own freedom... but for the freedom of every person who comes into the community. Following the principles of being people first, heart centered, and servant driven... this community goes above and beyond to serve and help each and every customer.

Best Online Business Highlights for May 2023

GetResponse Autoresponder (Start for free | No credit card required | Cancel anytime)

Ensure that your email marketing tool integrates with your website and enables you to send out newsletters, announcements, promotions when you need to! Check out GetResponse Autoresponder. It integrates well with all things $25 All-in-One Digital Business

Funnel Builder (Create Unlimited Pages, Funnels, Websites, Offers)

Home Business Academy Funnel Builder is an online platform that is considered a powerful tool for online businesses coming in at a $25/mo. Home Business Academy Funnel Builder is targeted at those who don’t have a background in design, while other online platforms cater more to experienced digital marketers pricing . Funnel Builder is more than 4 times less than the leading competitor Click Funnels.

Premium Traffic & Conversions Mastermind

Having interaction with people that have achieved the level of success you are looking for and actively working on increasing it offers an unmatched benefit. You will be surrounded by a lot of people that can help you think outside the box, with different perspectives to help you grow even faster.

You'll be able to brainstorm with and ask questions to those that are where you want to be and have done what you want to do. They can help you create a plan of action that is tailored to you, based on the experiences they have gone through and advise you on what works best and what doesn’t so that you don’t have to go through as many trials and tribulations as they did to get where you are going.

By having access to this combination of LIVE, personal masterminds and ongoing updated trainings, you will be able to get more leads, turn those leads into sales, retain the customers for life and build the perfect business. This will provide you with the opportunity to have the freedom and success that you have always dreamed of. Plus, you will be able to have a conversation with those who have achieved the success and learn from their experiences to create the best action plan for you. This will undoubtedly provide you with the ability to get to your desired destination faster.

"You Pay NOTHING Unless You Love It,"

(plus there is a 100% Risk Free BONUS Offer!)

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Little Known Formula For Creating Monthly Cashflow

You won’t accidentally have success with Affiliate Marketing, or anything else but can only give you the EXACT steps to succeed.

YOU have to actually take those steps. And when you do... you’ll have the ability to create wealth on demand, in a way that gives you the time to pursue the true God given desires and dreams in your heart. There are 3 simple steps to generating unlimited income on demand the easy way online... while letting other people do all of the hard, techy, time consuming, expensive stuff FOR YOU.

  1. Build an audience (List) of people, in an area of interest that you enjoy, who have problems, needs, wants, and desires that you want to help solve.
  2. Build your knowledge and skill in that area of interest so you can provide value daily and become the expert that they seek. (Expert status is shocking easy to achieve).
  3. Build your income by sending a single email daily that provides free value, and recommends products and services that pay you commissions, and are perfectly geared towards solving the needs of the people on your list. 

Read more from Nick Bramble's e-book entitled "The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan" which I am providing to you for FREE where you will dive into simple detail EXACTLY what you should be doing every day in each step to maximize your income, while at the same time minimizing the time you spend creating it.

Best Online Business Offers

  • Overall #1 Funnel Builder: Home Business Academy Funnel Builder
  • Best "No-Brainer" Autoresponder: GetResponse one of the simplest to use and has a number of other useful features to help you connect with customers
  • Best URL shortening tool: OpenMyLink: URL shortening is used to create shorter aliases for long URLs or Bio Links as short links save a lot of space when displayed, printed, messaged, or tweeted. Additionally, users are less likely to mistype shorter URLs.

Learn Life-Long Skill To Create Unlimited Wealth Forever

Just step right into a ready made business by getting immediate access to using products we recommend and earn 80% commission on all sales generated by your efforts. No designer talent or coding skills necessary.

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